Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Blog,

It has been dog's years since I have blogged you with all of the daily drama that are the goings-on in my head. I am sorry for not being a more attentive blogger! I have been busy crafting, raising kids, getting tattooed and holding it all together. You'll have to forgive me. Here are some pics of what I did with my month. You can give me the silent treatment for a week if it makes you feel better Blog, I won't blame you :) The following is a thoroughly uninspiring bit of page filler- still trying to get back into the hang of things...

The stars on my left foot were done years ago and sadly(because it hurts like a MOFO) they need to be redone. I had been wanting my boy's initials for some time. The old tax return helped make that a dream come true!

I have been in a haze of crafting Etsy requests lately so, I have been busy. I love that I am busy but, I sometimes struggle to keep balanced with my kids and house-stuff. I am happy to do anything that keeps me home with my boys. I love being able to take my oldest to school everyday and I love the time I get with the baby. Finances being what they are, unless I get a major order or am featured in O magazine (Ha!) I will be throwing newspapers in the wee hours to make sure I can stay home. Then I get to figure out how to not be a Zombie- if it's not one thing it's another. Oh well. I am trying to get enthused and inspired to create more items and give you all something to give a crap about in this here blog. I was completely enthralled by this blog- ahhh to have the time and energy to do these!

Note to self: see if there are any foot fetish sites that like large, tattooed feet- CHAching!


  1. lovin' the tat's. I only wish I were brave enough. I change my mind too often and I'm afraid I'd regret my choice. Here's my idea... If I like the same tatoo, same location for 4 years...I'm gonna get it! how lame am I???

  2. I made my goal 5 years and that is what I did. I thought about my other tattoos for that long before getting them. I got the initials after only 6 and 1 year respectively, because they are my son's initials, I knew there would be no remorse :)