Sunday, April 26, 2009

My guilt has finally gotten the better of me again and here I am blogging once more. what I have been doing(I always feel like I am starting my "what I did over my summer vacation" speech) in my away time is spring cleaning like there is no tomorrow. Spring is a very small window where I live. It goes from too chilly to have the house open to so freaking bloody hot that it is like having a giant hairdryer blowing in any open windows. So, in that glorious window of time I am cleaning to beat the band(whatever that means).

I rid my house of many pieces of superfluous furniture and repurposed many others. The main bone of contention was my craft area which is actually the small dining area. I have too much crap and not enough space. I kinda got in the zone and tossed a ton of stuff which I may regret later but, I am so happy for now. I had a swap going with a fellow Etsian for a hand crocheted grocery type bag-which I love and I was giving her an assortment of destash supplies. Well, her box ended up becoming a 16X16X16 mass of craft supplies that I hope she has room for:) WooHoo for destash and swaps!!
The boy's room did not escape my cleaning and redecorating. They got a full move around of furniture and a new coat of paint-to cover the sharpie and gaping holes that had been there forever-yay Autism! They both took to it very well and as you can see we had time to make paper hats and tear down all of the books Mom had nicely shelved to read loudly from them, which secretly delighted me :) The pics are of the end result of half of my craft area(craft den, lair..nest?). Some of my extensive collection of Tchochkes are on display including among them are many Etsy created creatures that I treasure.
On the very top you can see the Yeti and Mercat and you can see wonderful amigurumi creations Oswald(Heart!) and pear and the awesome LuchaCat with his incredible wrestling moves he keeps all of the Matryoshka in line. Ilove these "toys" I say I am buying them for my kids but, we really know whats up ;) My etsy shop has also undergone a flood of listings as I am destashing my house, I am trying to offload books and mags to some lucky buyer. Check it out!