Saturday, April 11, 2009

My inability to blog expeditiously leaves something to be desired. Even though I may not physically be blogging, I am mentally blogging things that I see that are awesome that everyone in the world needs to see and be in awe of. From my mental blogbanks comes my latest entry under the title "Boys I like, whose mighty talent I Stand in awe of".

I somehow stumbled upon Steve Morris's treasure trove of incredible graphic artwork on etsy. I was, to say the least, hooked. I love the bold colors and subject matter (has flashback to every art docent ever listened to-sorry Steve:). What also peaked my interest is that he has been published- Ahhh greatness! I love to see achievement outside of the insular world of Etsy! Mr. Morris was kind enough to graciously answer the senseless questions I pestered him with- Thanks Steve! So, without further sycophantic ado, here are the five question:

1. What character(s) or person(s) living, dead or fictional strikes fear into your heart?
A: Captain Howdy from The Exorcist, he's got the type of face that just sticks with you. Conversely, I specifically remember have one of my best nights of sleep, ever, after seeing that I really don't know how to square that.

2) What are your top music choices at the moment? Ever?
A: The new album from Royal Trux, "JJ Got Live RaTX". Although I find myself leaning towards "smooth jazz" (my secret shame), when I'm working, it's relaxing and makes me feel like I'm living in a Lexus commercial.

3) Do you need to set a mood when you are drawing?
A:There are definitely things which put me in the right from of mind, like flipping through an art book and clearing blocks of time so I can focus specifically drawing. Also, cleaning my work space often has a positive effect on my productivity.

4) If you could do one thing effortlessly, what would it be?
A: Drawing. There are rare times where it flows free, but more often than not it's allot of work, and when I get done, I'm not even sure how I managed to do it lol.

5) Rank the following in any personally significant order: zombies, pirates, vikings, ninjas, bears.
A: Viking, pirates, ninjas, bears, zombies. Viking come first since I'm half Danish.
There it is, all of the pertinent questions answered. Damn! Should've asked where babies come from! Oh well next time. Check out DarkHorse comics for more on His graphic novel :"Blessed Thistle", and check back in his Etsy shop for information on any forthcoming material. And for God's sake, purchase a print! It will instantly make you that much cooler. Many thanks again to Steve Morris!


  1. Thanks for the kind words Rachael. You even taught me a new word "docent"...or at least made me look it up as a word I've heard but never knew the meaning to lol. Steve