Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hmmm so, a blog. A blog you say? Yes. A blog.

A first blog. A first attempt. Man, now there is all of this pressure to use my best grammar and spell guud. It is almost too much. Almost. So, I am thinking that I will slather (good word huh "slather"- not used nearly enough) this bad boy with whatever we are working on, craft, recipes and mundane bits of our life that might be found interesting by someone not living it.

~pause to fix green metal rocket that has lost a wing. Again.~

Where was I.. oh yes, mundane, well, I will try to keep it fresh and snappy and be true to trying to keep up with it daily. That has not worked with the Wii fit so, I promise nothing!


  1. Gosh that baby is so cute! I miss mine being baby's..(right)! HeeHee!

  2. Why thank you kindly :) That is his rockstar pose.