Thursday, January 29, 2009

I feel all.. funky/ low/ uninspired today. Ever had one of these days? I hate this feeling. It seems like I have to make myself do all of the normal things like a robot. "Okay now I need to make I should get the boys dressed". With remove, not like I can actually enjoy the minutiae that I usually relish in now that I can be home with my boys full time. Maybe I am just having an off day. It takes some getting used to, no longer to be slaving away for corporate america's caffiene needs. Yep. That's right I was a Starbucks drone for 12 years. Yikes, I am old enough to have had a job that spans nearly a third of my life?!

That was not supposed to happen. I was supposed to flame out before I reached 20. I could not fathom at that time being any older than 19. Youth is wasted on the young! So, what started as a summer job became long term. Really, really long term. When I commit, I really commit! Here is hoping that tomorrow I will wake magically in a better frame of mind. Not worrying about finances and that ominous looking spot on the ceiling. Keep a good thought for me :)

Also I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do with my etsy shop when the CPSIA law goes into effect. I can't really change the slant of the store. Well, I guess I could cut holes in the back of all of the onesies and sell them for dogs ;) No? Was worth a shot. With sales being slow it adds to the frustration of it all. Oh the Drama!

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